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South Asia Collection Resources: Asian Studies 202

Asian Studies 202 (ASAN 202)

Selected List of Library Resources

Selected Print and Digital Reference Sources for South Asia

ASAN 202

Prepared by Monica Ghosh, South Asia Librarian



Encyclopaedia of India, 2008. ASIA REF: DS405.E539

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives, 1989. ASIA REF: DS334.9.C36

The Encyclopaedia Indica, 1986. ASIA REF: AE30.5.H56v.1- 25

Encyclopaedia Indica, 1981. ASIA REF: DS405.S52 v.1-2

Nepal Encyclopedia, 1994. ASIA REF: DS493.3.A25

The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism.1992. ASIA REF: BL2017.3.E63 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of World Cultures, 1991-1996. v. 3. South Asia. ASIA REF: GN307.E53 1991 (WIP)

Encyclopedia of India, 2006. ASIA REF: DS405.E556



Indian Press Index. ASIA: AI3.I75

Guide to Indian Periodical Literature. ASIA REF: AI19.I4 G9 (last 10 years)



Museums in India. ASIA REF: AM73.A2 B74

Museums of India, 1991. ASIA REF: AM73.A2 M87

Indian Directory of Environmental Organisations, 1997. ASIA REF: TD171.5.I4 V36

National Mass Media Directory, Nepal, 1998. ASIA REF: P 92.N4 N386

Indian Textile Annual and Directory. ASIA REF: TS1312.I49 (CVR)


Subject Dictionaries


A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English, 1996. ASIA REF: B131.G67

The Religions of India: A Concise Guide to Nine Major Faiths, 2010. ASIA: BL2001.3.D35

Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism: Its Mythology, Folklore, Philosophy, Literature, and History, 1977. ASIA REF: BL1105.S79

A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism, 1990. ASIA REF: BL2018.C654



Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan, 1997. ASIA REF: DS356.A27

Historical Dictionary of Pakistan, 1999. ASIA REF: DS382.B87

Historical Dictionary of Bangladesh, 1996. ASIA REF: DS394.5.B39

A Classical Dictionary of India: Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs &c of the Hindus, 1971. ASIA REF: BL2001.2.G37

Historical Dictionary of India, 1996. ASIA REF: DS405.M27

Historical Dictionary of Sri Lanka, 1998. ASIA REF: DS489.5.S33



The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary, 1963. ASIA REF: PK933.A55

Samsad English-Bengali Dictionary. 1982. ASIA REF: PK1687.B53

The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary, 1993. ASIA REF: PK1936.O93



Reference India. ASIA REF: CT1506.R4


Afghanistan, 1992. ASIA REF: DS351.5.J65

Pakistan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS376.9.T39

India, 1995. ASIA REF: DS407.D46

Bhutan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS485.B503 D64

Maldives, 1993. ASIA REF: DS486.5.M3 R49


Bibliographies (continued)

Sri Lanka, 1987. ASIA REF: DS489.S23

Nepal, 1990. ASIA REF: DS493.4.W44



South Asians in North America: Annotated and Selected Bibliography, 1988. ASIA REF: DS503.C35 no.14=


A Bibliography of South Asian Folklore, 1966

ASIA REF: Z5981.S63 K5



South Asian History, 1750-1950; Guide to Periodicals, Dissertations, and Newspapers, 1968.

ASIA REF: Z3185.C3



India: A Reference Annual. (Latest 2 yrs. in REF) ASIA: CALL#: DS405.I64. ASIA REF: 991020 (CD ROM)

Silveira’s India Book. ASIA REF: DS401.D59



Bangladesh, A Traveller's Guide, c1982. ASIA REF: DS393.3.Y46

India Travel Planner ASIA: CALL#: DS406.I53 (CVR)

Pakistan, 1990. ASIA REF: DS376.8.P32

The Real Guide, Nepal, 1992. ASIA REF: DS493.3.R4

Visit Nepal '98: ASIA REF: DS 493.3.V57



A Historical Atlas of South Asia, 1978. ASIA REF.f: CALL#: G2261.S1 H5

An Atlas and Survey of South Asian History, 1995. ASIA REF: G2261.S1 S3



Business Guide to India, 1996. ASIA REF: HG5732.B77

Doing Business in India. ASIA REF: HC431.D65



India. Parliament. House of the People. Who's Who. ASIA REF: JQ263.A44 (CVR*)



Universities Handbook: India.

ASIA REF: L961.I4 U55 (CVR*)


Semiotica Indica: Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Body-Language in Indian Art & Culture, 1994. ASIA REF:NX180.S46 S52 v.1-2



Encyclopaedia of Indian Writers, 1996-. ASIA REF: PK2908.S56 v1-2

Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature, 1987-1994. ASIA REF: PK2902.E53 v.1 - 6

An Encyclopedia of Indian Literature, 1982. ASIA REF: PK2903.G36



Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema, 1999. ASIA REF: PN 1993.5.I8 R277

Directory of Indian Film-Makers and Films, 1994. ASIA REF: PN1998.2.N37


Traditional Medicine

Ayurvedic Drugs and Their Plant Sources, 1994. ASIA REF: RS164.S57


Book Trade

Indian Books in Print. ASIA: CALL#: Z3201.I665 (CVR)


Digital Resources

DSAL (Digital South Asia Library) -- digital/online access to reference sources (online dictionaries), images (photographs), books, historical statistics, indexes, and maps.

SAADA (South Asian American Digital Archive) -- Documents and provides access to history of South Asian-American community.

Journals (Highly select sample of periodicals)

Economic and Political Weekly



India Today

Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities



Pakistan Times --

Nepal's Online newspapers:

Times of India --

Bangladesh's online newspapers:

Sri Lanka's online newspapers:


Updated 10/10/2013