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Southeast Asia Research Guide: Islam in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Studies resources.

Islam in Southeast Asia


BAS: 1954, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970; -2001 EXCERPTA INDONESICA: 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50&51, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 NUS INDEX TO PERIODICAL ARTICLES:1980-82, 1983-84, 1985, 1986-87, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992/93 Horvatich: 1993 Social Science Citation Index, Asian Religious Studies Information (1987-88), Behn’s Index Islamicus (1665-1905), Sociology of Religion (1990), ATLA Religion Database, Humanities Index (1995,96,97,98, 99, 2000-2002) Social Sciences Index (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) Sociological Abstracts, EconLit, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts

Journals: location and call number 
Akademika. Hamilton Asia- AS486.U54 A13
Aliran monthly Hamilton Asia Folio DS591 .A45
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Hamilton Main H1 .A4
Annual Review of Sociology Hamilton HM1 .A763
American Anthropologist, Hamilton Main GN1 .A5
American ethnologist. Hamilton Main GN1 .A53
American Journal of International Law Hamilton Main JX1 .A7
American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Hamilton Main DS35.3 .A44
American Universities Field Staff Reports, Southeast Asia Series, Sinclair Main- D6 .A54
Ampo. Hamilton Asia, DS889.3.U6 A53
Antropologi Indonesia, Hamilton Asia, GN1 .B44
Anthropology and education quarterly, Hamilton Main LB45 .C67a
Anthropology Today Hamilton Main GN1 .R69
Anthropos (Salzburg, Austria) Hamilton Main GN1 .A7
Archipel, Hamilton Asia, DS501 .A64
Archipelago Hamilton Asia DS651. A72
Arts of Asia, Hamilton Asia, N8 .A772
ASEAN Law and Society Journal (Quezon City) UH Law: Main Collection K1 .S72
Asia (New York) Hamilton Asia, DS1 .A4712
Asian and African studies (Jerusalem), Sinclair Main DS1 .A4731
Asian Wall Street Journal Hamilton Asia- MICROFILM S90007
Asia journal of theology. Hamilton Asia, BR1 .A84
Asia research bulletin. Hamilton Asia, DS1 .A477
Asia Pacific Review Hamilton Asia, DS501 .A67
Asian affairs, an American review. Hamilton Asia- DS33.4.U6 A85
Asian journal of women's studies Hamilton Asia, HQ1726 .A13
Asian and Pacific Migration Journal,APMJ Hamilton Pacific- JV8490 .A127
Asian profile Hamilton Asia DS1 .A4746
Asian research trends Hamilton Asia DS1 .A86
Asian Review, Hamilton Main DS1 .A7 
Asian studies (Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines) Hamilton Asia- DS1 .A52
Asian Survey, Hamilton Asia DS1 .A594
Asian studies review. Hamilton Asia DS32.9.A8 A75a
Asian thought & society. Hamilton Asia DS1 .A74
Asiaweek Hamilton Asia DS1 .A87
Atlantic, Sinclair Library AP2 .A8
Australian journal of anthropology. Hamilton Main GN1 .A9
Australian Journal of Education Hamilton Main L91 .A8
Australian journal of psychology Hamilton Main- BF1 .B74
Australian journal of international affairs. Hamilton Main- DU80 .A947
Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde, Hamilton Asia DS611 .B5
Boletin Eclesiastico de Filipinas Hamilton Asia- BX1656 .B6
British journal of sociology Hamilton Main- HM1 .B75
Bulletin of the American historical collection Hamilton Asia DS651 .A43
Bulletin of concerned Asian scholars Hamilton Asia DS1 .B833
Bulletin of Indonesian economic studies Hamilton Asia HC446 .A88
Bulletin of the Institute of Traditional Cultures of South and S.E Asia, Madras Hamilton Asia AS472.M13 A15
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Hamilton Asia PJ3 .L6
Cahiers du monde russe Hamilton Main- DK1 .C2
Chronicle of Higher Education Hamilton Folio- LB2300 .C57
Civil & Military Law Journal (New Delhi) Hamilton Asia K.I4 C582CI
Comparative Politics (New York) Hamilton Main JA1 .C66
Comparative studies in society and history, Hamilton Main H1 .C73
Contemporary drug problems UH Law: Main Collection HV5800 .C66
Contemporary review (London, England) Hamilton Main AP4 .C7
Contemporary Southeast Asia Hamilton Asia DS520 .C65
Contributions to Southeast Asian ethnography Hamilton Asia GN635.A75 C66
Critique of anthropology Hamilton Main GN1 .C73
Crossroads (De Kalb, Ill.) Hamilton Asia DS501 .C76
Current history. (Philadelphia, P.A..), Hamilton Main D 501 .N5
Dansalan quarterly. Hamilton Asia- HN720.M5 D37
Diliman Review (Quezon City, Philippines) Hamilton Asia AP8 .D54
Dialog (Jakarta, Indonesia : 1978) Hamilton Asia AP95.I5 D42
Economic and Political Weekly Hamilton Asia HC431 .E326
Economic development and cultural change, Hamilton Main HC10 .C453
Economist (London, England : 1843) Hamilton Main HB1 .E6
Economy and Society, Hamilton Main H1.E36
Ethnic studies report Hamilton Asia GN301 .E84
Ethnic and racial studies Hamilton Main HT1501 .E73
Ethnohistory, Hamilton Main- E51 .E8
Ethnomusicology Sinclair Main- ML1 .E77
Explorations in economic history Hamilton Main- HB615 .E8
Far Eastern economic review. Hamilton Asia HC411 .F191
Far Eastern quarterly. [Journal of Asian studies] Hamilton Asia DS501 .J68
Financial Accountability & Management Hamilton Main HJ101 .F56
Folklore studies Hamilton Asia GR1 .A88
Foreign affairs (Council on Foreign Relations) Hamilton Main D410 .F761
Foreign affairs Malaysia. Hamilton Asia, DS596.3 .F67
Foreign relations journal. [Philippine Council for Foreign Relations] Hamilton Asia DS686.5 .F67
Guardian (Rangoon),, Hamilton Asia, AP8 .G78
Hamdard Islamicus Hamilton Asia, BP1 .H344
History of religions Hamilton Main BL1 .H5
History Today Hamilton Main D 1 .H818
IIAS yearbook, Hamilton Asia Reference-DS1 .I35
Indonesia (Ithaca, N.Y.) Hamilton Asia DS611 .I55
Indonesia Circle Hamilton Asia DS611 .I3946
Indonesia and the Malay world, (formerly Indonesia Circle) Hamilton Asia DS611 .I3946
Indonesian quarterly Hamilton Asia- DS611 .I525
Indonesian Review of International Affairs Sinclair Main- DS638 .I626
Inside Asia Hamilton Asia- DS1 .I5
Islamiyat. Hamilton Asia- DS36.85 .I82
Intimasi, Sinclair Main- DS597 .I58
International journal of psychology = Journal international de psychologie Hamilton Main BF1 .A158
International journal of sociology of the family. Hamilton Asia- HQ1 .I58
International Review of Mission Hamilton Main BV2351 .I6
Internationale Politik (Bonn, Germany : 1995) Hamilton Main- D839 .E86
Islam & Christian Muslim relations. Hamilton Main BP172 .I787
Islamic culture Hamilton Asia- DS36 .I74
Islamic herald Hamilton Asia- BP1 .I675
Islamic Quarterly Hamilton Main D198 .I8
Islamic studies. Hamilton Asia- BP1 .I72
Issues & studies. Hamilton Asia- DS701 .I833
Itinerario (Leiden) Hamilton Asia- JV2501 .I88
Jebat. Hamilton Asia DS591 .J42
Journal of Anthropological Research (Albuquerque, NM) Hamilton Main GN1 .S6
Journal of Asian history (Wiesbaden). Hamilton Asia DS1 .J687
Journal of Asian studies. (formerly Far Eastern Quarterly) Hamilton Asia- DS501 .J68
Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Hamilton Asia AS492 .S62
Journal of developing societies. Hamilton Asia- DS1 .J693
Journal of Asian and African studies. Hamilton Asia DS1 .J67
Journal of Burma studies Hamilton Asia DS527.9 .J68
Journal of Conflict Resolution Hamilton Main JX1901 .J6
Journal of comparative family studies, Hamilton Main HQ1 .J58
Journal of contemporary Asia. Hamilton Asia DS1 .J68
Journal of Dharma Hamilton Asia BL1 .J62
Journal of History (Manila), Hamilton Asia DS651 .P4942
Journal of International Affairs, Hamilton Main JX1 .C6
Journal of Modern History Hamilton Main D1 .J6
Journal of Race Development, (cont. as Journal of international relations), Sinclair Main JX1 .J6
Journal of Religious History Hamilton Main BR140 .J65
Journal of social, political and economic studies Hamilton Main H1 .J563
Journal of Southeast Asian History, Hamilton Asia DS501 .J65
Journal of Southeast Asian studies. Hamilton Asia DS501 .J652
Journal of the American Oriental Society Hamilton Main PJ2 .A6
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Hamilton Asia AS599.A8 A3
Journal of the Bihar Puravid Parishad (Patna) Hamilton Asia DS485 .B5 B484a
Journal of the Burma Research Society Hamilton Asia DS485.B79 B81
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient Hamilton Asia HC411 .J6
Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society. Hamilton Asia DS376 .P296
Journal of Politics Hamilton Main JA1 .J826
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (continues as Man) 
Hamilton Main GN1 .J687
Journal of the Siam Society, Hamilton Asia DS561 .S5
Journal of Tropical Geography (Kuala Lumpur) Hamilton Asia G515 .M35
Journal for the scientific study of religion. Hamilton Main BL1 .J6
Jurnal antropologi dan sosioloji Sinclair DS591 .J47
Kabar seberang sulating Maphilindo. Hamilton Asia DS501 .K33
Kinaadman. (Wisdom) Hamilton Asia. DS651 .K56
Law and society review UH Law: Main Collection K12 .A93
Language Sciences (Tokyo) Hamilton Main- P1 .L314
Malaysia in history. Hamilton Asia DS591 .M347
Malaysian business Hamilton Asia HC445.5.A1 M33
Man - journal of the royal anthropological institute Hamilton Main GN1 .M25
Manusia dan masyarakat. Hamilton Asia GN635.M4 M27
Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies Hamilton Asia HB1 .K35
Masyarakat Indonesia Hamilton Asia. H8 .M36
Middle East journal Hamilton Main- DS1 .M5
Millennium. Journal of international studies Hamilton Main- JX1 .M54
Military History, Hamilton Government Docs ELECTRONIC FORMAT
Mindanao Journal (Marawi City, Philippines) Hamilton Asia. DS688.S9 M55
Mirror (Singapore) Hamilton Asia Folio DS598.S7 A214
Mizan (Jakarta, Indonesia) Hamilton Asia BP63.I5 M59
Modern Asian studies. Hamilton Asia DS1 .M58
Moro kurier [Iligan City, Philippines : Moro People's Resource Center] Hamilton Asia. DS666.M8 M69
Moussons Hamilton Asia HN690.8 A3
Muang Boran journal Hamilton Asia DS568 .M82
Muslim world.(Hartford Conn.) Hamilton Main DS36 .M7
National midweek. Hamilton Asia DS651 .N28
National geographic. Hamilton Main G1 .N27
Negara. Hamilton Asia HN700.6 .A54
New Perspectives Quarterly Hamilton Main E839.5 .N379
New Republic Hamilton Main AP2 .N4 
New York Times Hamilton Main MICROFILM S90021
New Zealand International Review Hamilton Folio D839 .N485
Nusantara. Hamilton Asia, H8 .N92
Oceania. Hamilton Pacific- DU28 .O3
off our backs Hamilton Folio HQ1101 .O34
Orbis (Louvain, Belgium) Hamilton Main P2 .O7
Pacific Affairs, Hamilton Asia, DU1 .P13
Pacific review (Oxford, England) Hamilton Asia, DS501 .P346
Pacific Viewpoint Hamilton Main- AS741 .P3
Pakistan Horizon (Karachi) Hamilton Asia- DS376 .P32
Past & Present, Hamilton Main- D1 .P35
Pilipinas. Hamilton Asia- DS651 .F55
Philippine development forum Hamilton Asia HC451 .P528
Philippines Free Press Hamilton Asia Folio DS651. P64
Philippine Journal of Public Administration (Manila) Hamilton Asia- JA26 .P5
Philippine political science journal Hamilton Asia- JQ1 .P55
Philippine quarterly of culture & society Hamilton Asia DS651 .P45
Philippine review of business and economics. Sinclair Main- HC451.A1 P35
Philippine Social Sciences Review (PSSR) Hamilton Asia- H8 .P5
Philippine Sociological Review Hamilton Asia- DS651 .P462
Philippine Studies (Quezon City) Hamilton Asia- DS651 .P623
Political Science Quarterly Hamilton Main H1 .P8
Population and development review. Hamilton Main HB848 .P62
Population studies Hamilton Main- HB881.A1 P67
Prisma (Jakarta, Indonesia : 1975) Hamilton Asia, HC446 .P73
Psychiatry, interpersonal and biological processes Hamilton Main RC321 .P93
Public policy (Quezon City, Philippines) Hamilton Asia- JQ1409.5.P64 P83
Quadrant Hamilton Main AP7 .Q8
Quest Sinclair Main DS401 .Q84
Race and Class, (London, Institute of Race Relations), Hamilton Main HT1501 .R25
Religiosa Indonesian Journal on Religious Harmony (Yogyakarta) Hamilton Asia- BL2110 .R35
Review of Indonesian and Malaysian affairs. Hamilton Asia DS611 .S94
Review of religious research. Hamilton Main BL1 .R485
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Hamilton Asia, DS1 .R71
SAIS Review Hamilton Main D839 .S36
Salam (Marawi, Philippines) Sinclair Main- DS666.M7 S33
Sarawak Museum journal. Hamilton Asia, DS646.36 .A35
Sawaddi. Hamilton Asia- DS561 .S29
Silliman journal Hamilton Asia- AS540 .S5
Singapore journal of tropical geography. Hamilton Asia- G905 .S56
Studia Islamika Hamilton Asia- BP1 .S82
Studies in conflict and terrorism. (Formed by the union of: Conflict; and: Terrorism.) Hamilton Main HV6431 .T46
Sociological analysis (Sheffield, England) Hamilton Main HM1 .S674
Social analysis (Adelaide, S. Aust.) Hamilton Main HM1 .S58
Social compass Hamilton Main-. HN30 .S62
sociological quarterly Hamilton Main-. HM1 .S69
Sociology of religion Hamilton Main HN51 .S63
Sojourn (Singapore, Singapore) Hamilton Asia, HN690.8 .A55
Solidarity. [Manila, Philippines, Solidaridad Pub. House] Hamilton Asia, DS651 .S6
South East Asia journal of theology, Hamilton Asia BV4019 .S43
Southeast Asia chronicle. Hamilton Asia- DS521 .I64
South East Asia research Hamilton Asia DS520 .S63
Southeast Asian archives Hamilton Asia- CD2010 .S65
Southeast Asian affairs Hamilton Asia DS502 .S76
South East Asian review. Hamilton Asia DS501 .S756
Southeast Asian journal of social science. Hamilton Asia HN661 .S59
Southwestern social science quarterly, Hamilton Main, H1 .S65
Speeches. Singapore Hamilton Asia J618.S5 R18
Silsilah [Zamboanga City, Philippines: Islamo-Christian Silsilah Dialogue Movement] Hamilton Asia BP172 .S55
Studia Islamika, Hamilton Asia BP1 .S82
Studies in comparative international development Hamilton Main, HD82 .S79
Studies in family planning. Hamilton Main HQ763 .S78
Studies in Islam / [Indian Institute of Islamic Studies] Hamilton Asia BP1 .S83
Studies in Third World Societies (Williamsburg, VA) Hamilton Main, HN980 .S8
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, Hamilton Main, RC574 .L54
Swiss Review of World Affairs, Sinclair Main D839 .S9
Sulu studies. Hamilton Asia DS688.S9 S9
Sumber Hamilton Asia HC445.5.A1 S86
Tambara: Ateneo De Davao University Journal, Hamilton Asia DS651 .T36
Tapol (London, England : 1973) Hamilton Pacific DS611 .T17
Tenggara. [Kuala Lumpur, Raybooks Magazines] Hamilton Asia- DS501 .T43
T¯onan Ajia kenky¯u. [South East Asian studies], Hamilton East DS501 .K96
Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie Hamilton Main, HC10 .T55
Time, Hamilton Main AP2 .T37
TLS, the Times literary supplement. Hamilton Main, MICROFILM S90028
Third world quarterly. Hamilton Main HC59.7 .T458
Tropical doctor Hamilton Main RC960 .T764
Unitas (Manila, Philippines) Hamilton Asia- LH7.M28 U5
Urban Studies Hamilton Main HT101 .U7
Washington Quarterly Hamilton Main D839 .W33
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Hamilton Main DS63.1 .W28
Women's studies international forum. Hamilton Main HQ1101 .W74
World Archeology Hamilton Main CC1 .W67
World Today, Hamilton Main D410 .W63
Yearbook for traditional music Sinclair Closed Shelves ML26 .I5445

Islam in Southeast Asia


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