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Okinawan Studies: Shisa (Lion-Dogs): It's Official

Information about Shisa statues presented by the University of the Ryukyus to the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Welcome Remarks by Gregg Geary

 gregg geary On June 29, 2012 the Shisa installaton and delication ceremony was held at the Sunny Alcove of Hamilton Library. Gregg Geary, the Interim University Librarian, welcomed the guests.

" Aloha!
Consulate General Kamo, President Iwamasa, Dr. Apple, our Incoming Chancellor, Chancellor Hinshaw, Distinguished guests and visitors.

 I am, Dr. Gregg Geary, University Librarian, and on behalf of the UH Library I welcome each and everyone of you to the Installation Ceremony and Reception to dedicate the wonderful gift of these two Shisas from the University of the Ryukyus to the University of Hawaii. The Library is particularly pleased and honored not only by your presence here today, but by the fact that these wonderful shisas reside so close to our library. In fact, the UH Manoa Library and the University of the Ryukyus Library have a close relationship dating back to the 1960s. Our Sakamaki/Hawley collection, part of which is in the exhibit behind you, is a testament to that enduring relationship.

We view the Library as the gateway to knowledge. Our Library motto is “Malama I Ka ‘Ike” meaning “caring for knowledge”. I think of that motto as I look out my office window upon the two majestic shisas. It is my hope that they will aid us in that endeavor of caring for knowledge. May the roaring one on right keep out the bad things and the one on the left keep in the good things."

Signing and Dedication

  signing the deed   lei for shisa 1
Pres. Iwamasa & Chan. Hinshaw signed the deed while Dr. Satsuma was assisting.      The Shisa with a maile lei


Photos by L. Laurence