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Okinawan Studies: Shisa (Lion-Dogs): Mini-Exhibit (Sakamaki/Hawley Collection)

Information about Shisa statues presented by the University of the Ryukyus to the University of Hawaii at Manoa


The Asia Collection set up the mini exhibit of the Sakamaki/Hawley Ryukyu/Okinawa Collection and library resources on shisa to commemorate the Shisa celebration. The mini-exhibit was curated by Tokiko Bazzell, design and installation assisted by Linda Laurence.

mini exhibit 1 mini exhibit 2
Library Resources on Shisa Hawaii Governor Neil Arbecrombie @ the Mini-Exhibit
mini exhibit 3 mini exhibit 4
The University of the Ryukyus delegation: Kaori Kinjo, Hajime Oshiro, Teruo Iwamasa, Hideo Kadowaki Ann Kobayashi (Honolulu City Council) and Tokiko Bazzell (photo by Dr. Andrew Wertheimer)

The Univerity of the Ryukyus delegation also visited the Library's Sakamaki/Hawley Collection @ the Asia Collection.

mni tour 1 mini tour 2