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Okinawan Studies: Shisa (Lion-Dogs): Ceremony Photos

Information about Shisa statues presented by the University of the Ryukyus to the University of Hawaii at Manoa

The Shisa Connect Friends

shisa UH 1  
from left: John Morton, Virginia Hinshaw, Teruo Iwamasa, Neil Arbecrombie, Tom Apple, Bob Nakasone, Hajime Oshiro  


Shisa uh 2
from left: Hajime Oshiro, Robert Huey, Virginia Hinshaw, Neil Arbecrombie, Teruo Iwamasa, Tom Apple, Bob Nakasone
shisa UH 3 Shisa UH 4
from left: Tokiko Bazzell, Ann Kobayashi, Gregg Geary, Reed Dasenbrock, Alan Grosenheider from left: Bob Nakasone, Tokiko Bazzell, Ken Kaneshiro, Hajime Oshiro
Shisa UH 5 Shisa UH 6
The Nakasones: Alan, Bessie, Phyllis from left: Hajime Oshiro, Ken Kaneshiro, Marcus Oshiro, Hideo Kadowaki
shisa UH 7 shisa UH 8
shisa UH 9 Shisa UH 10