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Airfields in Hawai'i: Hilo International Airport

This is a short guide to assist you in finding out information about airports and airfields in Hawai'i.


Hilo Airport was initially constructed during the 1920s, and regular flights began in 1929. The airport was constructed and expanded using prison labor and Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor. When World War II broke out, the field was taken over by the War Department. Hilo Airport was renamed General Lyman Field in 1943 in honor of Brigadier General Albert Kualii Brickwood Lyman , who was born in Hawai`i. Also in 1943, a Naval Air Station was established. The airport was returned to Territorial control in 1947, although the Army and Air Force continued operations there until 1948. Its name was changed to Hilo International Airport in 1989.


Hilo International Airport, 1992

Hilo International Airport Aerial

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Hilo International Airport, 1995 (Detail from USGS topographic quadrangle map)

Map of Hilo Airport, 1995

General Lyman Field, 1954 (USGS)

Aerial photograph of Hilo Airport, 1954