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Library Facts and Figures: Equipment

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Public Computers

Location    Quantity
Hamilton 60
Hamilton CLIC 77
Sinclair    13
Sinclair CLIC 40
Total 180

Audiovisual Equipment

Sinclair Library

Keyboards 2
Videocassette players (VHS and Betamax) 18
DVD players 20
Blu-ray DVD/VHS player 1
16mm film projectors 1
Laserdisc (videodisc) players 1
Record (phonographs) players 3
Audiocassette players
Compact disc (CD) player 1
Filmstrip viewers with cassette player 1
Multimedia computer stations 6
High speed stereo audio tape duplicators 1
Slide projector 1
Television receiver


 Source: Sinclair Library Media Specialist

Public Use Photocopiers

Hamilton Library: 14

Sinclair Library: 3

Source: Library Fiscal Office

Public Scanners

Hamilton   6

Sinclair   1

Microform viewers, printers, and scanners

Hamilton Library

Microfilm/microfiche reader/printer/scanner: 4

Microfilm reader/printer: 3

Microcard scanner: 1

Microfilm/microfiche reader/printer: 1

Microfiche reader/printer: 1

Sinclair Library

Microfilm/microfiche reader/printer: 1

Specialized Equipment

Hamilton Library

Clearview 500 magnifier: 1

Zoom transfer scope: 1