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Making Pacific Language Materials Discoverable: Finding language materials

Ways to search

UHM Pacific Collection

Finding Pacific language material held at the UHM collection is a two-step process:

1. Find the unique 3-letter code by searching Ethnologue, or downloading this spreadsheet: 

2. Input the 3-letter code into the search box below:


A new page will open listing all the publications that are written in or include examples of that language.

If you want to search a different language, enter the new 3-letter code into this same search box above. (The search box at the top of the pop-up database will not have the same search functions). 

OLAC (Open Language Archives Community)

All material edited as part of this project appears in OLAC, listed under "Other resources in the language." The URL at the end of the citation links to the bibliographic record of the item the UHM online catalog. (Although it says "online" most of the material in our collection is not available full-text online. This is simply noting that the description of the item is online.)


When you are in a language description record in Ethnologue, there is a section near the bottom called "Language Resources" which links to the OLAC record for that language.

Language Map


This Language Map is a geographic way to access all material described in OLAC. It also indicates how much material is accessible in or about each langauge. 

In this example, OLAC has 4 items about Jawe, a language from the North Province of New Caledonia. 2 of the 4 items are publications held at the UHM Pacific Collection.