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POLS/SUST 387: Politics of the Ocean

Databases & Indexes

This is a selection of databases, and not a comprehensive list. The majority of these databases and indexes are only available with UHM login. You can find a list of all databases the Library currently subscribes to by clicking this link.

HP Online Journals

Many of these journals are available online only with a UHM login.


Numerous Hawai'i- and Pacific-related electronic journals are available to UH students, faculty and staff. Not all of the journals and databases listed on this page can be searched via OneSearch, the library's online search tool, but it can be a useful starting point. You can search for either specific article titles if you already have a citation to one, or more generally using keywords. On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of search filters -- select "peer reviewed journals" and "available online." (Note, if  you are interested in seeing all online-available materials, simply uncheck the "peer reviewed journals" filter and search "available online," which will search a broader array of online resources (books, films, selected journal articles, etc.) If you are unfamiliar with OneSearch, this online guide is an excellent introduction.