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Japan Studies: Getting the Most of CiNii Articles NII論文情報ナビゲータ: Searching

This guide provides information and search tips for the NII CiNii Article database

In this guide...

You will find the following pages:

About: What is the CiNii Article Database NII 論文情報ナビゲータ?

Searching: How to search the NII CiNii Articles Database: Simple Search & Advance Search

Search Tips: Keyword combinations and Boolean operators within the CiNii Articles Database

Boolean Operators page helps you understand how the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) works. Outside Link

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Simple Search & Display

 Access to the Database (Japanese) OR (English)

Use Only: Japanese for Japanese language articles and English for English language articles or search in English language abstracts if they are provided.

3 search tabs

1. Article Search: keyword search for articles

2. Author Search: keyword search for author names

3. Full Text Search: search in full texts by keywords (beta version) 

Simple Search

Keyword field

  • Multiple keywords separated by spaces (both English half-width spaces and Japanese full-width spaces are acceptable) search terms combined "AND".
    Example: keywords ハワイ 観光 search "ハワイ AND 観光"
  • If numbers (numeric characters) are used as keywords, either both English single-byte characters and Japanese double-byte characters are acceptable

Search settings

You can select the following option.

  • "All"・・・・・・Searches for all records containing the keyword(s).
  • "Include Full-text" ・・・・・Searches for full text documents in the CiNii database.
  • "Include Full-text and/or link" ・・・ Searches for full text documents in the CiNii database as well as documents provided by partners (such as Ichushi 医中誌Web) that CiNii links to. The UHM Library does not subscribe to fee based full-text articles.

Advanced Search

Click on Advanced Link 詳細検索 for more search options.

Search by keyword/author/affiliation/article title/publication name/ISSN/volume/issue/page/publisher/references

Search field
  • Select the category you wish to specify for the search field (keyword/author/affiliation/article title/publication name/ISSN/volume/issue/page/publisher/works cited).
  • Selecting "keyword" returns the same results as a simple search.
  • ISSN/volume/issue/page accepts only numeric characters.
  • Specifying "references" enables you to search for papers with works cited that include keywords in the titles, etc.
Example: Search ハワイ 観光 in the title box and limit to publication years from 2000 t0 2012
CiNii PDF - オープンアクセス OR CiNii Fulltext PDF - Open Access  Clicking on this link will lead you to an full text article
CiNii PDF - 定額アクセス可能 OR  CiNii Fulltext PDF - Subscription The UHM Library does not have access to these fee based articles