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Subali-Sugriwa: Battle of the Monkey Kings: Cast & Crew


Narrator (Margot Fitzsimmons)

Subali (Joanna Mills)

Sugriwa (Hunter Kaye)

Tara (Qiaoer Zheng)

Indra (Keita Beni)

Gandarwa (Michelle Huynh)

Misasura (Matthew Kelty)

Patih Misasura (Shannon Iriarte)

Brihaspati & Priest (Sam Akuna)


Sam Akuna

Bronte Amoy

Froilan Fabro

Margot Fitzsimmons

Maseeh Ganjali

Shannon Iriarte

Bonnie Rauch

Jennifer Yoo





Kayonan dancers (Hunter Kaye, Amanda Stone, Froilan Fabro)

Raksasa dancers (Shannon Iriarte & Kapono Aiwohi-Kim)

Bidadari dancers (Misty Mollena, Mahany Abdullah,Meghan Donnelly, Kisore Sherreitt)

Monyet dancers (Froilan Fabro, Amanda Stone, Chantelle Sonoda)

Gabor dancers (Misty Mollena, Mahany Abdullah, Meghan Donnelly, Kisore Sherreitt)




Production Manager: Rick Greaver

Stage Manager: Jocelyn Ishihara & Andy Lee

Assistant Stage Manager:

Emma Ishihara

Trinika Dudley Joseph

Theodore Guillory

Lauren Mau

Sound: Theodore Guillory

Screen Shadow Light: Rohayati Paseng