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Subali-Sugriwa: Battle of the Monkey Kings: Scene Breakdown

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:
Setting the scene of Heaven (Indra Loka), including the dance of the kayonan, dance of Dewi
Tara and the angels. All the gods in Heaven are assembled before their Lord Indra and his
daughter Dewi Tara. Their peace is disturbed by the arrival of raksasa ogres who come with
the message that the ogre king Misasura wants to take Dewi Tara as his wife. Dewa Indra


Scene 2:
Misasura is dreaming of angels dancing. He is awoken when his messenger returns and he
hears news that his request for Dewi Tara was denied. The raksasa prepare for battle.

Scene 3:
The gods hear of the raksasa’s intent to return and prepare for battle. Raksasa return to
heaven and a battle ensues; the gods are defeated and Dewa Indra and Dewi Tara flee.

Scene 4:
This scene begins with the dance of the monkeys in the territory of Subali and Sugriwa.
Subali and Sugriwa are in meditation. Dewa Indra and Dewi Tara approach them and request
their assistance in defeating the raksasa. Subali and Sugriwa agree. Whoever defeats
Misasura will wed Dewi Tara.

Scene 5:
Subali, Sugriwa, and the monkey army battle Misasura and the raksasas. Misasura is chased
into a cave. Subali follows Misasura into the cave and they battle in the cave. Thinking that
his brother has been defeated, Sugriwa places a boulder over the entrance to the cave so that
Misasura cannot escape. Sugriwa reports to Dewa Indra and Sugriwa and Dewi Tara are wed.

Scene 6:
Subali is still living and trapped in the cave. He is able to dig himself out of the cave with the
bones of Misasura. Subali and Sugriwa fight their final battle. Sugriwa, with the help of
Rama and Laksmana, is victorious over Subali. Subali attains heaven.