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Topographic Maps — United States & Territories


U.S. topo map exampleThe principal source for topographic maps of the United States and its territories is the US Geological Survey (USGS). USGS issues all current topos digitally and has created a database of historical topos for much of its catalog. Use the links below to explore the several ways USGS provides to view and download it's topo maps. MAGIS houses a collection of print USGS topographic maps at scales of 1:24,000, 1:100,000, and 1:250,000. Contact MAGIS staff if you have questions about printed USGS topographic maps.

Other Digital Collections

  • Pacific Islands Topographic Maps (Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas Libraries)
    USGS topos of American Samoa, Guam, Palau, Northern Marianas, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Topographic Maps — Foreign

Foreign topo map exampleFor some countries, these are the only maps available.

Joint Operations Graphic (JOG)

Worldwide coverage at a scale of 1:250,000 topographical/aeronautical. The Joint Operations Graphic-Air is an aeronautical chart for international and joint service air/ground tactical operations that focuses on identifying horizontal control points and low altitude air navigation hazards. The JOG-A is used for tactical air support/assault missions with ground forces and is printed on a Mercator projection. Ground units commonly use the JOG-A as a strategic/operational map to complement the 1:50,000 topographic line map.

Army Map Service (AMS) Series

The U.S. Army Mapping Service (AMS) sets were produced during World War II and cover most of Europe, North Africa, East and South Asia, and Pacific Islands. The scales vary from 1:250,000, 1:50,000, and 1:25,000. Consult library staff for assistance with this collection. AMS Catalog search form (click on Edit and add country name to focus search results). Please fill out and submit a service request form so we can retrieve the maps from our collection.

Digital AMS Series Online

Indexes to AMS and Other Topo Series

Nautical Charts

Nautical charts provide information about oceans, coasts, and harbors. Learn more about nautical charts on NOAA's website. Our extensive print collection covers waters of the World as well as the United States. Please consult with MAGIS staff. We retain historical charts for Hawaii and the Pacific islands.

Digital Collections

Aeronautical Charts

Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC)

The TPC is the standard worldwide medium-scale aeronautical chart series (1:500,000). TPCs provide essential cartographic data appropriate to scale, and are overprinted with stable aeronautical information such as contour lines, obstructions, special use air-space, navigational aids, and related data. The Tactical Pilot Chart supports high-speed, low-altitude radar, and visual navigation of high-performance tactical and reconnaissance aircraft from low to medium altitudes. It is designed to assist close-air operations by providing visual and radar navigation information. A knowledge of map symbology becomes important to understand cultural features depicted on the chart.

Operational Navigation Chart (ONC)

The ONC is the standard worldwide small-scale (1:1,000,000) aeronautical chart series, and contains cartographic data with an aeronautical overprint depicting obstructions, aerodromes, special use airspace, navigational aides, Maximum Elevation Figures (MEFs), and related data. It is designed for medium altitude (2,000 to 25,000 feet above ground level), high-speed, visual and radar navigation. It is the source for navigational filmstrips and cockpit/visual display products. The ONC satisfies enroute visual and radar navigation in the absence of Tactical Pilotage Charts. It supports the requirements for low-altitude operations such as dead reckoning, radar, and celestial navigation.

Jet Navigation Chart  (JNC)

Very small scale (1:2,000,000). Relief shown by contours, shading, tints, and spot heights. Includes terrain characteristic and water tints diagrams and index to JNC series. The primary purpose of the Jet Navigation Chart is to support high-altitude computer assisted radar navigation/bombing by strategic aircraft. Information considerations are selected to support celestial, radar, and dead reckoning navigation.


Historical Maps

Digital Collections

Selected Country and Regional Maps

Road and Tourist Maps 

Fiji travel map coverWe have a collection of country, U.S. state, city, and recreational maps. We also have DeLorme Street Atlases for western states. These maps are not cataloged.

Thematic Maps


  • The Decolonial Atlas
    "The Decolonial Atlas is a growing collection of maps which, in some way, help us to challenge our relationships with the land, people, and state. It’s based on the premise that cartography is not as objective as we’re made to believe. The orientation of a map, its projection, the presence of political borders, which features are included or excluded, and the language used to label a map are all subject to the map-maker’s bias – whether deliberate or not. Because decolonization is a process of unlearning and rediscovering, we’re especially committed to Indigenous language revitalization through toponymy – the use of place names." -- About
  • World Mapper
    A collection of nearly 700 world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. Maps 1-366 are also available as PDF posters. The maps presented on this website are equal area cartograms, otherwise known as density-equalising maps. The cartogram re-sizes each territory according to the variable being mapped.

Forest Maps

Geologic Maps

  • Geological Maps are published by the Federal Government (USGS), state geological surveys, and professional societies. The USGS publishes geological maps of all states and many countries.  Good sources for identifying published geological maps are GeoRef and the National Geologic Map Database.  Once you have identified a map of interest, search the online library catalog to determine if the Library owns a print copy and to find the location and call no.  Many state geological surveys have maps available for download on their websites at no charge.
  • Selected list of geologic maps MAGIS has digitized.

Hand-Drawn Maps


  • Ethnologue
    Over 7,000 languages. Profiles for every language and country on earth. Maps of where each language is spoken.

Military Maps

National Geographic Maps

  • We have a large collection of map supplements published in concert with National Geographic Magazine. Subjects range from physical/political maps of countries and world regions to world languages, bird migration, and earthquakes. These maps may be identified by using this library catalog search and adding your topic or place of interest to the second keyword search box.

Oil & Gas Maps

  • Oil and gas maps online (Perry Casteñada Library, University of Texas Libraries) 
    The map collection also has print maps, a number of which are not available online due to copyright restrictions.

Political Maps



  • World War II Newsmaps
    The U.S. War Department published Newsmaps throughout the second World War. During most of the war, Newsmaps typically featured maps of the world and of local areas seeing fighting, brief summaries of military action during the week, and photographs of troops and materiel. 

Outline Maps

Options for obtaining a basic country or state map.