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HWST 356: Aloha Kanaloa: Science News Media


Honolulu Star Advertiser 

New York Times (Get a FREE subscription via UHM)

Wall Street Journal

Seattle Times

Washington Post

LA Times

Popular magazines and journals

Nature News (free e-journal)

Nautilus (free e-journal)

New Scientist (Print and E-Journal available) 

Popular Science (Print and E-Journal available)

National Geographic (Print and E-Journal available)

Smithsonian Magazine (Smithsonian online available)

Wired (Print and E-Journal available)

Slate (E-Journal available)

The Economist (Print and E-Journal available)

Additional online science media resources and publications



Science Now

Ars Technica


Live Science


Finding news sources on the internet

Try searching for news via the Google News tab. CAUTION! Not all science writing retrieved from a Google News search is quality. We are responsible for evaluating all science news sources before we deem them credible.





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Mahalo to Jan Sung and Patricia Brandes, whose OCN 320 Aquatic Pollution and Water Resources respective Library Research Guides inspired this page.