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This guide is a companion to the Graduate Student Library Orientation (GSLO) presentation, geared to teaching grad students the information literacy skills necessary to performing graduate-level research.

About the Library

The Sci/Tech Reference desk

Science and Technology
Reference Department
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The Science and Technology Reference Department, located in the Hamilton Library Addition, proudly supports the information needs of the University community in a variety of fields, including:

  • Natural sciences and mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Ocean and earth sciences and technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Agriculture, food science, and biotechnology
  • Much, much more!


One of your responsibilities as a graduate student (besides doing well in your classes and perhaps some teaching responsibilities) is to perform research. This guide includes

  • How to find electronic and traditional resources for mathematics research
  • Library resources for graduate students
  • How to properly cite sources and avoid plagiarism
  • Resources for studying for the Mathematics comprehensive exams

Why Do I Need to Know This Stuff?

Question: Ugh, why can't I just use Google?  It's awesome.

Answer: Google is a great starting point for doing research. The searching ability of Google is indeed awe-inspiring, and a lot of material can be freely (and legally) accessed online. But some of that information may not be trustworthy enough for academic research, and some materials are not easily available on Google or not available at all.  Some examples are:

  • Journal articles that require paid subscriptions
  • Databases that require paid subscriptions
  • The full text of some books (because Google Books only has excerpts or certain chapters from them)
  • The latest editions of some books (because Google Books might only have older versions that are out of copyright)

As a student of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, you have easy access to a vast library of high-quality information that includes paid subscriptions to hundreds of academic journals and thousands of books in your discipline.

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