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Course Reserves - OLD: FAQ


Physical materials from these collections may NOT be placed on Reserves:
Click electronic reserves for more information.

  • Hawaiian / Pacific Collections
  • Charlot and all special collections
  • JABSOM Library
  • Periodicals and reference materials
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • UH Systems Library

Make arrangements directly with these departments and inform students that items must be used at their respective locations.

For items that are not in the library's collection and require ordering, please supply as much information as possible (publisher, distributor, address/telephone, year, ISBN #, etc). Please allow at least two months for the ordered items to be put on reserve. Only one copy can be purchased due to limited funds. 

Can I take out more than one reserve item at a time?
No, except at the discretion of the faculty.

Can I take reserve items out of the library?
Yes, unless it is designated as Library Use Only.

How long can I have it?
The loan period is designated by the faculty and ranges from 2 hours to 7 days.  Overnight loans for hourly reserve items are possible from 2 hours before the Hamilton Library Circulation Desk closes and at the discretion of the faculty.

Can I reborrow reserve items?
Reserve items may be reborrowed 15 minutes after the item is returned, or immediately if another copy is available. 
Cannot be reborrowed less than 15 minutes before closing.

Reserve items cannot be renewed online.

Can I place a hold or a recall on a reserve item?
No, the system will not allow this.

Where can I return a reserve item?

  • At Hamilton Library Circulation Desk and give it to an attendant. 
  • When the building is closed, please drop it in the outside book drop.

Problem accessing e-books, online articles, or streamed media?

  • Check the link is correct.
  • Clear browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the browser.
  • Works best on Chrome and Firefox.
  • Publishers may have removed the e-book titles.
  • Some e-books have limited user license and it may be in use.  Try again later or place a hold if possible.
  • Streamed media may have expired.

If Hamilton Library is open 24 hours, can I check out reserves whenever I want to?
All of the closed reserves are located at Hamilton Library Circulation Desk and can only be checked out during business hours. Electronic reserves are always available wherever there is internet access. 

If I'm trying to access an electronic course reserve and I don't know what my UH username and password are, what should I do?
Your UH username is the first part of your UH email address and your password is the same as when you are logging into e-mail account. The password can be reset by an ITS lab attendant in the CLIC computer labs located in Hamilton and Sinclair Libraries.

Overdue Fines:

  • Course Reserve items: $1.00 per hour or fraction thereof. There is no grace period.
  • An item is considered lost when the fine reaches $10.00. Lost charges include the replacement cost of the item, a $10 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee and accumulated overdue fines.
  • Your borrowing privilege is suspended whenever the amount you owe to the Library totals $10 or more.
  • Reserve items must be returned to Hamilton Library Circulation Desk by the date and time indicated.
  • Fines are calculated hourly even when the library is closed, including weekends and holidays.
  • Payments can be made at the Business Office at Hamilton Library during business hours.  Closed on weekends and holidays.


Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions about Course Reserves.

e-mail: Print/Electronic Reserves
e-mail: Media/Streaming Reserves

Phone: 808-956-7203