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The Soviet Gulag: Genocide? Democide? Slavery?

Documentary photographs

Zhdanov, P. I︠U︡. (Pavel I︠U︡.), Anatoly Liberman, and Andreĭ Osipov. Ischezai︠u︡shchee proshloe: fotoalʹbom. Magadan: Izdatelʹstvo “Okhotnik,” 2019. Main DK771.K67 Z44 2018


Getman, Nikolai. "The Gulag Collection," oil on canvas, 1953-1993, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Washington, D.C.,

Guchinova, Ė.-B. Risovatʹ lagerʹ: i︠a︡zyk travmy v pami︠a︡ti i︠a︡ponskikh voennoplennykh o SSSR. Sapporo, Japan: Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University, 2016.  Northeast Asia (Library Use Only) D805.J3 G83 2016 ("This monograph is devoted to the way traumatic experience is reflected in drawings and creates the language of trauma. My analysis concerns the drawings of former Japanese POWs--whether professional or amateur artists--who drew their Soviet camp experience after returning home: Yasuo Kazuki, Shin Miyazaki, Kieshi Sato, Tsuyoshi Hisanaga, Yoshio Uetsuhara, Nobuo Kiuchi, Isamu Yoshida, Kinse Takeuchi, Morinari Ouchi and Yoshio Watanabe"--From Summary, page v.  The text is in Russian.  If you are interested in this book, please contact Patricia Polansky,


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