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Zoology 430 | Animal Physiology: Articles

OneSearch is a tool that searches almost everything UHM library has access to. OneSearch is able to search through multiple databases and the UH Voyager Catalog at one time. Results include books, articles, conference papers, maps, government documents, DVDs, archives & manuscripts, and more.


Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

The following databases allow you to connect directly from a citation record to the full-text article online. When using online databases outside of the library, UH ITS Web Login Service is used to gain access to subscription databases. Use links on the UH library gateway pages to assure access to full text articles that UH subscribes to.

  • Biological Abstracts also linked from SciTech Databases A to Z

    A premier index of biological literature from 1926--the online version covers biological journal literature from 1969 to present. Make your search better by using the descriptors and selecting a field such as organism rather than using keyword anywhere.

  • Google Scholar also linked from SciTech Databases A to Z

    Connecting to Google scholar through the library proxyserver will allow you to access full-text articles in our online collection.

  • JSTOR Arts & Sciences also linked from SciTech Databases A to Z

    A collection of full-text online core ecology and science journals that can be searched for literature back to the first issues of key scientific journals.

  • Web of Science also linked from SciTech Databases A to Z

    Three indexes/databases Science, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities. Covers the core scholarly journal literature of all disciplines from 1980 to the present. The most up-to-date of the indexes. Select General Search to search on a topic. You can sort the retrieved papers by the number of citations; this is a good way to find older papers that have contributed to more current research. Select Cited Reference Search to search for papers that cite a particular author or reference.

  • Zoological Record also linked from SciTech Databases A to Z

    An index that goes back to 1864--the online version covers zoological literature from 1978 to present. Some overlap with Biological Abstracts, but better coverage of international literature, and articles on insects and birds. Includes coverage of books and meetings that Biological Abstracts does not cover.

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library

    A digital library from the libraries of 12 natural history museums that provides open access to historical volumes. BHL is affiliated with the Encyclopedia of Life

Going from Database Record to the Full-Text Article

Most of the Library's subscription databases enable you to connect directly from a citation record to the full-text article online, if available.

-Click on the Find It link in the database record to search UHM electronic collections for the full-text article.

-If No Full text available, you can search Holdings in Hawaiʻi Voyager to see if we have it available in print.

-If we do not have the article in print or electronic format, you can Request document via Interlibrary Loan to access the Interlibrary Loan online request form. Interlibrary Loan is a free service provided to you by the Library -- the article will be sent to you within a few days as a PDF file.

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