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Zoology 430 | Animal Physiology: Books & Background Reading

OneSearch is a tool that searches almost everything UHM library has access to. OneSearch is able to search through multiple databases and the UH Voyager Catalog at one time. Results include books, articles, conference papers, maps, government documents, DVDs, archives & manuscripts, and more.


Background Reading

Hawaii Voyager

The online catalog of the University of Hawaii. Begin with keywords that describe your topic, such as behavior AND honeybees

Refine your search by clicking on a record and identifying relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Voyager Basic Search Tips

  • Use ? to truncate words
  • Use Journal Title Begins With to search for a particular journal
  • Use Title Begins With to search, a book title,
    example: Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic mammals of North America will retrieve the record for this e-book published by Columbia University Press.
  • Search by keyword phrases by enclosing the phrases in quotes, example: "comparative physiology" keyword search
  • Use the Get Item link to recall a checked out book or to request the book from another UH System library.

Annual Reviews via the UHM proxyserver

Annual Reviews is a collection of substantive review articles in a broad range of science and social science disciplines by scholars who are recognized as authorities in their fields.

Click on Search to look for articles in your topic areas.

Encyclopedia of Life

A collaborative effort by scientists to provide information about all life on Earth. A great way to find the most current species nomenclature for your extinct species.

Paleobiology Database

A database of fossil taxa collections mapped geographically and through time. Check out the array of apps connected to this project

Books and Journals in UH Libraries are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers.
Print books on zoology and paleozoology are located on the 3rd floor of Hamilton Library Addition (paleoclimatology is located on the 2nd floor of Hamilton Addition). Reference texts are on Hamilton Library 1st floor.

Zoology  QL 1-991

Invertebrates QL 360-599.82

Insects QL 461-599.82

Vertebrates QL 605-739.8

Fishes QL 614-639.8

Reptiles & amphibians QL 640-669.3

Birds QL 671-699

Mammals QL 700-739.8

Anatomy QL 800-950.9

Paleontology QE701 - QE760

Paleozoology QE760.8 - QE899.2

Paleoclimatology QC884