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Map collections in Hawai'i and online collections of Hawai'i maps : Home

A resource guide providing information on where to find special and general collections of Hawai'i maps.

About This Guide

This LibGuide was created by Jennifer Hamada and Storm Stoker for LIS 618, Government Documents & Archives, in Fall 2012. Revisions and updates are handled by librarians in the Government Documents & Maps Department.


This guide introduces some of the Hawaiian map collections available in Hawaii or on-line.  There is a video tutorial to assist users with an aerial photography database.

Maps of Hawai'i and the Pacific can be found in archives and libraries at universities, historical societies, and government offices.  Collections are being digitized and on-line access is being made available;  however this is a slow process.  Maps are a valuable resource for cultural, environmental and historical research because they show the changes in the use of land over time.  This is particularly pertinent in Hawaii where land ownership and use is often disputed.  




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The scope of this LibGuide did not allow for much coverage of military museum map holdings, click here to explore more on this topic.

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