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Government Documents - President, Executive Office of the President: Office of Management and Budget

Guide to our holdings of presidential publications, including presidential papers, executive orders and proclamations, the Office of Management and Budget, and presidential agencies and commissions.

About the agency

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), successor to the Bureau of the Budget, compiles the president's budget and issues circulars directing federal agencies. The Bureau of the Budget was transferred from the Treasury Department to the President in 1939.

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Electronic/internet resources

Our holdings

The OMB produces numerous budget-related publications as well as information regarding government data and statistics, programs, and procurement. Here are some of the most important publications:

Budget of the United States Government (PREX 2.8:) Current issues are available online; older issues are available in print or through FRASER.

Catalog of federal domestic assistance (PREX 2.20:) A list of over 2,000 sources of federal funding available to state, local, and tribal governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Statistical programs of the United States government (PREX 2.10/3:)

OMB circulars (PREX 2.4:) Circulars are directives to federal agencies that cover activities such as procurement and data collection. They are published in the Federal register when first issued or revised. Current circulars are available on the OMB web site.

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