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Government Documents - President, Executive Office of the President: Presidential Boards and Commissions

Guide to our holdings of presidential publications, including presidential papers, executive orders and proclamations, the Office of Management and Budget, and presidential agencies and commissions.

About the office

Presidents frequently establish advisory panels, commissions, and other bodies to study a particular issue, investigate a situation, or advise the President about a social problem.

Electronic/internet resources

Our holdings

Government Documents has the publications of dozens of presidential commissions, panels, task forces, councils, etc. from the 1960s forward, with a few from earlier presidents. Search for these documents using OneSearch. Examples of bodies established by presidents include:

President's Committee on Mental Retardation

Federal Ocean Program

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Conference on Inflation

Interagency Task Force for Indochina Refugees

President's Commission on the Holocaust

President's Commission on Pension Policy

President's Commission on Americans Outdoors

President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management

Works about presidential commissions

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