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Nursing DNP and PhD Programs: Documenting Searches

This guide provides basic information about the Library's services and resources.

PubMed: Download history

To create a CSV file with a PubMed search history,

  1. Click on the Advanced link located below the search box to open up the Advanced search page
  2. Scroll down to the History section of the page
  3. Click on the Download history link located above the search history table and off to the right
  4. Save the file -- This depends on how your computer/device and Internet browser is set to handle files. 
    • Note: For Apple devices, Firefox and Chrome are preferred browsers. Students using Safari have encountered problems with downloading and saving these files.

The saved CSV file can be opened up in Excel and Google Sheets.

Below is a sample CSV file of a PubMed search history,

CINAHL: Print Search History

To view the searches that you have entered, click on the Search History link that appears below the search box(es). This will reveal the Search History/Alerts table below the search box(es) and above the Result List. 

A Print Search History link will appear at the top of Search History/Alerts table. Click on that link to open up a pop up window that can be printed. Depending on the computer and how it is set up, the content in that window can be printed to paper, printed to or saved as a PDF file, or copied and pasted to a document or spreadsheet.

Below are a sample PDF file and a MS Word file of a CINAHL search history.