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Micronesians in Hawaiʻi: Education

A guide to finding governmental and non-governmental resources on Micronesians in Hawaiʻi.


Pohnpei Public Library banner

Banner, Pohnpei Public Library (photo by G. Sinclair)

Micronesian Education Community in Hawaii

General Resources

Department of Education school data and reports access.

Selected Resources

Crossing Spaces video

As the newest group of Pacific Islanders to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands, Micronesians aspire to the same dreams as every new immigrant group before them. Similarly, many face discrimination and poverty as they struggle to build new lives. Despite these obstacles, higher education remains the key to unlocking the American dream for themselves and their families. Crossing spaces is a series of three documentary shorts profiling three Micronesian women in Honolulu as they grapple with the challenges of higher education and work to enact meaningful change for their families and communities.

Screenshot of video Crossing Spaces title screen