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Japan Special Collection: Hawaii Japanese Language School Textbook Collection: Chuo Gakuin

Textbooks used to educate Japanese immigrant children at Japanese language schools in Hawaii.

About Hawai Chuo Gakuin ハワイ中央学院

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April 1896: Takie Okumura (奥村多喜衛) of Makiki Christian Church opened the Honolulu Nihonjin Shogakko (ホノルル日本人小学校) (later the Hawai Chuo Gakuin in 1899) in Honolulu. Okumura requested the Ministry of Education in Japan to send textbooks and school materials. 

In 1898, Deputy Minister Komura Jutaro (小村寿太郎) granted his request. There are several examples in the collections to represent textbooks compiled by the Hawai Chuo Gakuin. The school was quite successful until December 7, 1947.

Selected Samples

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Shinsen Chuto Shushin Kyohon 

Hawai Chuo Gakuin (布哇中央学院)
Year : 1930 - 1936
Vol. 1-4 (T399-402)
Chuto Nihongo Kyokasho

Hawai Chuo Gakuin (布哇中央学院)
Year : 1930 - 1936
Vol. 1-4 (T403-409)

Kanichi Jo/Ge
Kanni Jo/Ge
Kansan Jo/Ge
Kanyon Jo