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Textbooks used to educate Japanese immigrant children at Japanese language schools in Hawaii.

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Mirror Site of the Japanese Langauge School Textbooks Collection

The Hawaii Japanese language school textbooks are part of the Asia Special Collections that are presently stored in Room 405 on the 4th Floor of Hamilton Library. There are approximately 600 books (including duplicates), which were published from early 1900s to 1950s.

The textbooks were used to educate children of Japanese descendents, and they are now important resources to research the education of Japanese immigrants, the school system, and the social climate in Hawaii during that period. The majority of the textbooks were published by the Hawai Kyoikukai (布哇教育会/ハワイ教育会), a local Japanese language school educational board. The Collection also includes textbooks published by the Honpa Honganji/Hongwanji (本派本願寺), Hawai Chuo Gakuin (布哇中央学院), the Ministry of Education in Japan (文部省) and other organizations in Hawaii.

The majority of the collections were donated to the UHM Asia Collection in 1970s, when the Moili'ili Japanese Language School was downsized. The UHM Hawaiian Collection also holds Japanese language textbooks (some were transferred from the Asia Collection). For these items, search keywords "japanese language readers" in Voyager Online Catalog. In a record, click on "Get this item" to request access to the Hawaiian Collection on the 5th Floor.

kyokasho shusei logo  See also the reprints of the 86 pre-war textbooks selected from the collections. 
Hawai Nihongo Gakko Kyokasho Shusei ハワイ日本語学校教科書集成

How can I access?
The Japan Collection holds the following special collections housed in the Asia Special Collections room. All the items are not circulating. The Japan Collection staff retrieves materials prior to your visit. Please read the access policy to make an appointment in advance.