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Laulima Library Toolkit

Linking to E-books and Streaming Media

Linking to UHM library e-Book in Laulima

download handout (PDF)


If you are using an e-Book for your class, let us know so we can make sure that the license is in order. 

There are three Basic Steps

      1. Find the e-Book in our collection

      2. Copy the correct URL

      3. Integrate the link into Laulima 

Typical Licensing Types

  • single copy - often can only be viewed online
  • multiple copies
  • non-linear - counts the number of uses
  • unlimited - students still need to log-in

Some books are UH Mānoa-specific. Others are available throughout the system or everywhere.

If you cannot find a specific book or you were hoping for better licensing, contact a librarian.  The academic e-Book world is different from the Public Library and companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

STEP 1. Finding the e-Books 

Using the OneSearch Tool - the most general search

  • Use the Advanced search to limit searching to title, subject, etc.
  • Limit to "Electronic Books" on the right side
  • To clarify the search
    • use other filters
    • use the subjects listed in an appropriate record

Using the E-Books Tool - good with specific author or title

  • note that there is no advanced search

Using Hawai‘i Voyager

  • In advanced search, use these limits
    • Format as "Electronic Resources"
    • Type as "Book"

STEP 2. Copying the correct URL, depending on the Provider

ProQuest Ebook Central

  • The URL for the whole book is on the "Share Link to Book" button on the left side
  • For the URL to direct to a particular page:
    • go to the page
    • click on the chain icon on the top bar called "share link"
    • note the URL's structure, which includes the page number

EBSCOhost Ebooks

  • "Permalink" is in the tools, maybe hidden in the ellipses
    • note again that the page number is part of the URL
  • Try the link in a different browser
    • you might get an error saying that this book is in use, which suggests that it is working

Note: "Share Link to Book," "Permalink," "Persistent Link," etc. are all the same function—different publishers use different terms.

STEP 3. Integrating the URL into Laulima

Resources Tool

  • "Add Web Links" - to create a specific link
  • "Create HTML page" - to create complicated pages, which could then be added to the "Overview" page, for instance

Email Tool - this also applies to any time you see the text editing tool

  • Type what you want the students to click on
  • Select the text
  • Click on the link button
  • Paste the URL
  • Set the "Target," as desired

Web Content Tool - creates a link on the left side

  • Add the tool by selecting "Site Info" and then the "Manage Tool" tab

Modules Tool - could allow you to link to specific chapters throughout the modules

  • "Add Content" - need to provide URL and URL Title
  • Add instructions
  • Recommended Settings
    • "Textual Content"
    • "Link to New or Existing URL Resource"
    • "Open in New Window"