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Laulima Library Toolkit

Linking to Digital Collections

Linking to Digital Collections on Laulima

Direct your students to scholarly resources by creating links to the Libraries Digital Collections in your Laulima courses.

Capture the Link to a Digital Collection

  1. Choose a Digital Collection from the Digital Collections page
  2. Right Mouse Click and choose "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut"

Creating a Link to an Image in a Digital Collection

  1. Choose a Digital Collection from the Digital Collections page
  2. Search for an individual image.
  3. Click on the image in the results list that you wish to use.
  4. On the page that opens scroll until you see either "Cite this Item" or "Reference URL".
  5. Copy the URL that is listed under "Cite this Item". Or, click on "Reference URL" and copy the link that appears in a pop-up box.

Add the Link to Laulima

Linking to a UHM library electronic resource from Laulima (Manoa courses only)

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If you are teaching a Manoa-based course and would like to make an electronic resource from a UH-Manoa library available to your students in Laulima via a Web link, the students will be required to log into the library's system to access the file:

Manoa library login page

As stated in the image above, "Most electronic resources to which UHM libraries subscribe are RESTRICTED to University of Hawaii at Manoa students, faculty, and staff to comply with licensing agreements." This tutorial illustrates how to link to a UHM library electronic resource in Laulima so students do not have to log in separately to the UHM Library's database.

Note: This will only work for students who are in the course in Laulima.

1. Locate your electronic resource and find the correct URL in the UHM Library system.

2. Go into your course in Laulima.

clicking on course tab

3. Go to the tool where you want to post the link. (In this example, we will use Resources.)

clicking on Resources

4. Click on the "Add" dropdown menu and select "Add Web Links (URLs)."

adding web link function

5. In the text box for "Web Address (URL)" enter this URL:

pasting libproxy U-R-L in U-R-L text box

6. After the question mark, paste the entire URL of your resource in the text box.

closeup of pasting electronic resource U-R-L

The entire URL should look something like this (in this example, the resource URL is in brown):


7. Enter a title for the link in the text box for "Website Name" then click on the "Add Web Links Now" button.

clicking Add Web Links Now button

The link should then be posted. When students click on it, the electronic resource should open for them without requiring the students to log into the library's database.

student-view of Resources:
student-view of clicking on link

Information is subject to change, as vendors update their products. If you encounter problems using the methods outlined above or if you have additional questions or problems, please contact your liaison librarian for assistance.