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Lecture & Seminars on Japanese prints & books: Registration for the Public Lecture

Two hands-on seminars (Feb. 22 & 24) and one public lecture (Feb. 23) are provided by the UHM Library. Please register here for each.

Public Lecture Desciptions

Thank you for attending the public lecture!!!

Date:          February 23, 2016 (Tue)
Time:          3:30 - 5:30 PM
Where:       Room 306, UH Hamilton Library 3rd Floor
Language: Japanese with an English interpreter
Charge:      Free

Prof. Sasaki will deliver the public lecture on February 23rd using an English interpreter targeting people with an interest in Japanese books and history. The focus will be on early illustrated books to Manga development. The public lecture is designed to provoke interests among a diverse audience in Japanese prints, books, and the publishing culture in Japan.