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Lecture & Seminars on Japanese prints & books: Prof. Takahiro Sasaki 佐々木孝浩

Two hands-on seminars (Feb. 22 & 24) and one public lecture (Feb. 23) are provided by the UHM Library. Please register here for each.

Profile of Prof. Sasaki


Prof.Takahiro Sasaki is a a highly-acclaimed Japanese scholar who has specialized in early Japanese printing, books, and bibliography at the Institute of Oriental Classics (Shidō Bunko 斯道文庫) at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan from 2010. He will lecture on methods to study early prints and books from a morphological standpoint, which reveals the physical book in relation to its text. He will also discuss book history and the composition of various materials in Japan.

Selected Bibliography

Prof. Takahiro Sasaki has numerous publications on Waka (Japanese classical poems), history and development of Japanese prints & books, early Japanese prints, bibliography, etc. The followings are his selected publications: