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Getting the Most Out of CINAHL: Organizing Citations

An overview of using CINAHL to find information on nursing and allied health disciplines.

Organizing Citations for Research & Writing

Citation or reference management tools are applications that will help you organize the citations you find for papers and projects.

These tools store your citations in one place on your computer or in a cloud, which makes retrieving them easy. You should also look for a tool that has these other features as well:

  • Imports citations from databases, like CINAHL
  • Stores figures and PDFs on your computer or in a cloud
  • Works with your preferred word processing program, like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and Open Office, to insert in-text citations and compose bibliographies with just a few mouse clicks

Zotero and EndNote (desktop and online versions) are citation management tools that you may want to consider using.

Exporting Citations from CINAHL

If you use a reference management tool, you can email or save your results to a file that you would then import into your library.

When viewing an individual citation or a folder of citations, you can save the citation information for your reference management tool.

Click on the Export link located on the right side bar to open the Export Manager panel.

Partial screenshot showing the Export Manager  -- the options for exporting citations for a reference management tool.

Select the file format for the citations depending on what reference management tool you use. Click on the yellow Save button.

If you select one of the Direct Export options as the file format and a reference management tool (e.g., EndNote) is installed on your computer, that software should automatically open. You should be able to indicate whether to add the citations in the export file to a new or existing citation library.

If you select one of the Citations in... options as the file format to be uploaded to bibliographic management software, a new window or tab will open up when you click on the yellow Save button. The new browser window or tab will display the articles and citations.

  • Save from your browser window
  • Enter the path where the file should be saved (for example, C:\ProjectResearchInfo)
  • Save the citation as an HTML or text file
  • Click on the Save button.

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