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Japan-JPN 640: Mysteries of Modern Japanese Fiction: Japan Knowledge

Resource guide for JPN 640: Misteries of Modern Japanese Fiction-Crime, Detection and Deviance (Fall 2019)

JK logo database is a multi-purpose tool for Japanese studies research. It contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, full-text books, and journals. You need to log in with your ID & Password.

Search Functions
基本検索 (Basic Search)

JK basic search 

Basic Search. 見出し (Heading) is a default setting. You can change to 全文 (full texts) from a drop-down menu. It searches across all the databases available.

詳細検索 (Advanced Search)
JK advance search 

multiple keywords can be used. You can also select a specific database from the drop-down menu to search an individual database.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

At the initial stage of your research, checking dictionaries and/or encyclopedias provide you with additional concepts and keywords to use for your searches. For example, when you search "探偵小説" you will see a common term now is "推理小説."

Inside an article, you can toggle on and off additional functions: "Knowledge Searcher" & "引用原挿入機能 (inserting a citation)"
JK function toggle

Toggling on "Knowledge Searcher" allows searching a highlighted word within the article.
JK function knowledge searcher

When you are done, make sure to "Logout ログアウト"

JK logout