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Japan Studies: Getting the Most of Union Catalog of Early Japanese Books 日本古典籍総合目録: Home

The bibliographic database developed by the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) 国文学研究資料館

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Home: What is the Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku 古典籍総合目録?

Searching: 3 ways of searching Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku

Search Tips: detailed information on each catagory, classificiations, where titles are from, notes, etc.

Roman Letter Search: Caution about using Roman letters in this database

The information is from the National Institute of Japanese Literature Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku site

Boolean Operators page helps you understand how the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) works. Outside Link

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What is it?

Union Catalog of Early Japanese Books (日本古典籍総合目録) is a bibliographic database that provides detail bibliographic information and authoritative information of Japanese classical literary works and its authors of Japan's early books published before 1868. The database contains information from the following sources. For updates information

  1. Kokusho So Mokuroku 国書総目録 Kokusho So Mokuroku contains information of writings authored by Japanese people through 1867.  List of the Holding Institutions included Kokusho Somokuroku 所蔵館リスト
  2. Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku 古典籍総合目録 Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku is a continuation of the Kokusho So Mokuroku, which contains information of writings authored by Japanese people through 1968.  List of the Holding Instituitons 所蔵館リスト
  3. Kokubungaku Kenkyu Shiryokan Mirofilms 国文学研究資料館マイクロフィルム  This is informaton from the catalogues of books which NIJL gathered information from institutions holding early Japanese books (Japanese classical literary works which is created by Japanese until 1868). List of the Holding Institutions 所蔵館リスト

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