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Scholarly Communication @ UH Manoa: Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication news and events for researchers at UH Manoa

Mission Statement

Because of the widespread adoption of digital technologies and an ever-increasing academic network, scholars are exploring new ways to exchange information for research, teaching, and learning.

The UHM Library encourages the University community's active participation in creating a system that best serves the needs and maximizes the impact of scholarship and research at UHM.

What Is Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly communication is the system scholars and researchers employ to create, distribute, use, and preserve their work.

Central to discussions about the scholarly communication system are concerns about the state of publishing in academia. Technology has improved the availability of mechanisms for sharing new knowledge and has increased the potential audience for scholarly work, but the cost of access and legal restrictions on sharing limit access to much of the published research. High subscription fees, particularly in Science, Technology, and Medicine, strain library acquisition budgets. Librarians at institutions of higher education around the world have been leading the effort to improve the system of scholarly publishing by advocating for open access, educating faculty authors on intellectual property rights, and negotiating with publishers for more user-friendly subscription models.

As critical examinations of the economics of scholarly publishing continue, other scholarly communication issues are receiving increased attention. These include

  • Creating the cyberinfrastructure necessary for world-class research and scholarship
  • Preservation and ongoing availability of digital materials
  • Quality control and peer review
  • Open access to and reuse of data and publications
  • Funder publishing mandates
  • The acceptance of digital scholarship by tenure committees
  • The increased adoption of online social networking tools

Read more about the state of discussions about scholarly communication issues in "Talk about Talking About New Models of Scholarly Communication" by Karla Hahn, director of the Association of Research Libraries' Office of Scholarly Communication, published in the Winter 2008 issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing.

Watch an introduction to scholarly communication from Columbia University Scholarly Communication Program and video highlights from the the program's Research Without Borders speaker series.