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Scholarly Communication @ UH Manoa

Scholarly communication news and events for researchers at UH Manoa

How to Upload to ScholarSpace

To upload an article to ScholarSpace:

  1. Decide where your work will go within ScholarSpace (i.e. which community):
    Before you can submit your work, you should decide if you want to  submit to an existing community, or to create a new community within ScholarSpace. You can find a list of existing communities and sub-communities by following the link on the  home page. To create a new (sub-)community email administrators at

  2. Submit your materials: There are two ways to submit:
    1. You can either "Create Register" and upload your files directly, or
    2. You can contact an administrator (, provide them with necessary details (name, document title, publication date, publication name, copy of the file), and let them upload your work for you.
      Either way you should receive an email containing the URL of your uploaded submission.

How to View Your Statistics on ScholarSpace

ScholarSpace provides monthly statistics about who is reading your scholarship. This is useful to both you (the author) and your tenure committee. To view your monthly statistics, please do the following:

  1. On your article page, scroll to the near bottom, past Abstract, Description, and URI/DOI.
  2. Click "View Statistics", which is the third button and colored white.


You can also view your article's alt-metrics (or alternative metrics) using the PlumX button at the bottom of your article page. Click "See Details."

How to Opt Out (Waiver)

Faculty may apply for a waiver from the Open Access Policy mandate for an article, but not an overall waiver. A waiver requires written notification that must be accepted by the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designate.

  • Waivers can be obtained at adf
    • Login using your ScholarSpace username or your UH login.
  • Under "UHM Open Access Policy Compliance - Understanding the Policy"
    • Select "I need a waiver" and provide a reason.

Alternatively, faculty can send an email to with their name, article title, title of journal/publication, and reason for opting out.

How to Obtain an Embargo

Faculty may apply for an embargo, or a delay between publication and public access to an article in ScholarSpace. To do this:

  • Go to
    • Log in using your ScholarSpace username or your UH login.
  • Under "UHM Open Access Policy Compliance"
    • Select "I need a waiver" and provide a reason.
  • Under "Deposit Options"
    • Select "Delay until" and provide a date.
  • Provide all author and article information as prompted. Submit.

How to Get an Author Addendum

An author addendum is a proposed modification of a publishing contract. If accepted by the publisher, it modifies the contract, for example, in order to take proper account of the UHM open-access license or to allow authors to retain rights that would otherwise have been transferred to the publisher.

Even if your publisher's agreement already permits immediate positing in an institutional repository, it may still be a good idea to use the addendum to avoid potential conflicting transfer of copyright to the publisher, and to protect you from breach of contract.