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SciFinder Scholar: Strategies When Looking For ...

An overview of using SciFinder to find information on chemistry and chemical engineering.

Scientific Information

Search for articles on a topic

  • Explore References --> Research Topic

Search for a reference using a document identifier or bibliographic information

  • Explore References --> Document Identifier
  • Explore References --> Journal

Search for information from a person or company

  • Explore References --> Author Name
  • Explore References --> Company Name
  • Explore References --> Research Topic --> Refine or Analysis by Author Name or Company / Organization

Search for patents

  • Use any search strategy to find references then Refine by Document Type --> Patents

Information About a Substance

Search by drawing structure; useful for eliminating isomers

  • Explore Substances --> Chemical Structure
  • Explore Substances --> Markush

Search by the number of atoms of each element in a molecule

  • Explore Substances --> Molecular Formula

Search by an experimental or predicted property

  • Explore Substances --> Property

Search by chemical name (common name, trade name, or acronym) or CAS registry number

  • Explore Substances --> Substance Identifier

Information About a Reaction

Search by drawing a structure

  • Explore Reactions --> Reaction Structure

Search by the name of the reaction

  • Explore References --> Research Topic

Find articles by topic, person or company (Explore References),

  • Select citations of interest --> Get Reactions

Get Reactions button

Find a substance (Explore Substances),

  • Select citations of interest --> Get Reactions --> Specify the substance's role in the reaction (e.g., reactant, product, etc.)

Get Reactions button

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