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Russian Collection Research Guide: Russian Language & Literature

Russian Language & Literature @ UHM

To learn more about the Russian Language and Literature program at UHM, please see their website.

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Books in UH Libraries are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers.  Most of the Russian Collection books and serials can be found on the second floor of Hamilton Library.

PG1 - PG7925 for Slavic Language and Literature
PG1 - PG499 for General Slavic Philology and Language
PG500 - PG585 for General Slavic Literature
PG2001 - PG2826 for Russian Language

General Russian Literature History and Criticism:
PG2900 - PG3026 for General Russian Literature History and Criticism
PG3041 - PG3065 for Russian Poetry History and Criticism
PG3071 - PG3089 for Russian Drama History and Criticism
PG3091 - PG3099 for Russian Prose History and Criticism
PG3100 - PG3155 for Folk Literature

PG3199 - PG3205 for General Collections
PG3211 - PG3219 for Collections of Translations
PG3230 - PG3238 for Poetry Collections
PG3240 - PG3255 for Collections of Dramatic Works
PG3260 - PG3299 for Collections of Prose Works

Works by and about Individual Authors
PG3300 - PG3308 for Works by and about Individual Authors up to 1700
PG3220 - PG3447 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1800-1970
PG3450 - PG3470 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1870-1917
PG3475 - PG3476 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1917-1960
PG3477 - PG3490 for Works by and about Individual Authors 1961-2000
PG3491 - PG3493 for Works by and about Individual Authors 2001-
PG3312 for Works by and about Derzhavin
PG3314 for Works by and about Karamzin
PG3316 for Works by and about Lomonosov
PG3318 for Works by and about Sumarokov
PG3325 - PG3328 for Works by and about Dostoevsky
PG3332 - PG3335 for Works by and about Gogol'
PG3340 - PG3359 for Works by and about Pushkin
PG3365 - PG3417 for Works by and about L.N. Tolstoy
PG3420 - PG34445 for Works by and about Turgenev
PG3452 for Works by and about Leonid Andreev
PG3455 - PG3458 for Works by and about Chekhov
PG3462 - PG3465 for Works by and about Gorky

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