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PACS601/602/603: Researching Oceania: Creative and Conventional Methods of Inquiry

Researching Oceania: Creative and Conventional Methods of Inquiry

A Note About Hawaiian & Pacific Photo Collections

Only a fraction of all the images held in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections have been digitized. To browse a list of all Pacific-related photo collections in Hamilton Library, type PHOTOGRAPH P in the window below; to browse all Hawai'i-related photo collections, type PHOTOGRAPH H -- these searches will run in Voyager; all the search results are for items in Hawaiian and Pacific Collections; to view them in the library, use the same "Get This Item" request you would for a book or other item. (If a specific collection has been digitized, the Voyager record will have a link to the online images.)


UH-M Digitized Image Collections

Photograph of two canoes with men from the George Grace Linguistic Research Collection The Photo at left is from George Grace Linguistic Research Collection;the below list
includes only Hawaiʻi/Pacific-related digital collections; for links to 
all of Hamilton
Library's digital collections, 
click here