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Hawaiʻi - EA Hawaiian Activism Movements 1960-2010: Iwi Kūpuna


"By reburying and protecting the sanctity of the iwi, Kānaka Maoli strengthen our ancestral foundation, maintain the interdependence between past and present, and re-infuse the land with mana essential to sustain our ancestors, the living, and future generations. Therefore, the care of iwi kūpuna is the highest form of sovereignty Kānaka Maoli can practice"

- Kunani Nihipali

Honokahua 1988

Forbes Caves 1999


Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) 1990

Quote Citation

Akutagawa, Malia. Hoʻi Hou I Ka Iwikuamoʻo: A Legal Primer for the Protection of Iwi Kūpuna in Hawaiʻi Nei. William S. Richardson School of Law, 2013, 4.