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Korea Collection Basic Reference Tools: Directories


Korea Telephone Directory. Seoul: The Korea Telephone Directory.

Korea Yellow Pages. Seoul: Korea Yellow Pages Ltd.

Oemubu Chaeoe Kungminkwa, ed. Haeoe Kyop`o Tanch`e Chojik Hyŏnhwang [海外僑胞團體組織現況]. Seoul: Oemubu, 1994. 570 p.

Han'guk Min'gan Tanch`e Ch`ongnam = Directory of Korean NGOs. 2 vols. Seoul: Simin ui Sinmun, Simin Undong Chŏngbo Sent`ŏ, 2000.

Taehak Yon'guso Ch`ongnam = Directory of Research Institutes in Universities. 2 vols. (v. 1. Kungnaep`yŏn; v. 2. Oegukp`yŏn). Seoul: Han'guk Yŏn'guso Ch`ongnam P`yŏnjip Wiwŏnhoe, 1998.