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Korea Collection Basic Reference Tools: Education


Han'guk Kyoyuk Yŏn'gam [韓國敎育年鑑]. Seoul: Han'guk Kyoyuk Sinmunsa. (with supplement Han'guk Kyoyuk Myŏngbu [韓國敎育名簿])

Han'guk Hakkyo Myŏnggam = Book of Registered School in Korea. Seoul: Han'guk Hakkkyo Myŏnggam P`yŏnch`anhoe.

Kyoyuk T`onggye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of Education. Seoul: Kyoyukpu; Han'guk Kyoyuk Kaebarwŏn.

Local statistical yearbooks of education are available, for example, Sŏul Kyoyuk T`onggye Yŏnbo [서울敎育統計年報]; Kyŏngbuk Kyoyuk T`onggye Yŏnbo [慶北敎育統計年報]; Cheju Kyoyuk T`onggye Yŏnbo [濟州敎育統計年報]; etc.


T`onggye ro Pon Han'guk Kyoyuk ŭi Palchach`wi [統計로 본 韓國敎育의 발자취]. Seoul: Kyoyukpu; Han'guk Kyoyuk Kaebarwŏn, 1997. 260 p.

Chŏng, T`ae-su. Mi Kunjŏnggi Han'guk Kyoyuksa Charyojip: 1945-1948 [美軍政期韓國敎育史資料集 1945-1948]. 2 vols. Seoul: Hongjiwŏn, 1992.