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National Government

U.S. Federal Government Website
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
House of Representatives
Hawaii legislators (by name)
Thomas - Library of Congress' legislative information service
Judicial Branch
Federal Agencies

2010 Census
2020 Census

U. S. Census Bureau Economic Indicators  sales/inventories/services survey/new home sales/construction spending/retail trade)

American FactFinder population, housing, geographic and economic information

American Community Survey an ongoing statistical survey that samples a small percentage of the population every year

Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention

National Economic Accounts from the Bureau of Economic Analysis

International Government

International Database (U.S. Census)

CIA World Factbook  - global country data

European Commission - Economic & Financial Affairs

United Nations Statistics Division

OECD - search global unemployment or economic outlook

World Bank Data

International Monetary Fund Data visualizes global statistics from multiple international sources

Socrata searches government data