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Journalism Reporting

Citing Sources

Endnote [$65 for program from ITS]

Endnote is an application that imports citations from your searches in web databases and helps you organize your references. It works with Microsoft Word helping you create in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Mendeley [Free]

Mendeley is a free reference manager that allows you to organize references, create citations, and bibliographies. It is also a PDF viewer which allows you highlight, annotate, and organize research papers all in one place. Mendeley has a social network feature in which you can create groups and collaborate and share with colleagues. 

Zotero [Free]

Zotero is a plug-in from Mozilla that you use with the Firefox browser. Simply download the plug-in, activate the Zotero application by clicking on the Zotero icon in your browser. You can now capture citations into a library held on your hard drive or on a flash drive.

Zotero works with Word and OpenOffice after you have downloaded the plug-ins.

Excellent documentation is provided for Zotero by Mozilla.

Plagiarism is defined as:

"The action or practice of taking someone else's work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one's own; literary theft"

(OED Online 2006). [OED Online [Internet]. plagiarism, n. Oxford University Press. 2006. [cited 2007 Jul 30]. Available from: []

Avoiding Plagiarism - from the OWL at Purdue. This resource offers advice on how to avoid plagiarism in your work.

UH Manoa Student Conduct Code
See section H - Academic Dishonesty - in particular. 

UHM Library Avoiding Plagiarism Game