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Journalism Reporting

Social Media Tools

Twitter  - communicate in 140 characters or less
Pinterest - social bookmarking/pinning site
Reddit - post and vote on top posted stories
Stumbleupon - recommends sites based on interests
Buzzfeed - shared stories based on interest topics 
Digg aggregates stories on the Internet
FARK  online news aggregator and social media site
Talkwheel a conversation wheel that lets you see where most people are commenting and a sidebar of topics good for a quick scan of the dialogue
SocialBro time-saving tool for Twitter aficionados breaks down relationships with Twitter followers into categories such as influencers, supporters and engaged members
Storyful get the most popular social media stories of the day when you’re on the go
Tumblr  A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates, bookmarklets, photos, mobile apps, and social network
Google Trends - compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics
Google Docs - allows you to create and share work online
Google + Hangouts - video chat with multiple people at one time
Tout  - enables the creation of 15 second videos on your phone

Google Correlate - Allows you to see how a specific search query coordinates with real-time trends, and varies in popularity over a certain time frame

Blogging Tools

Cover it live  - live blogging tool
Wordpress  free website and blog tool


Kissmetrics 40 Advanced and Alternative Search Engines
Journalistopia:  - for online journalists

Online Journalism Review (OJR)  from the Knight Digital Media Center -a blog about visualization

Journalist Resource

The Journalist's Resource

Policy Studies  Reliable and timely research on the environment, economics, society and government.
Skills-based material on reporting, writing, style and the foundations of journalism

Image / Video / Audio Tools

Survey Resources