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Getting the Most Out of CINAHL: Limits

An overview of using CINAHL to find information on nursing and allied health disciplines.

Popular Limits

Based on your search topic and course assignment, consider including these popular limit options in your search:

  • Published Date - Material published during the years or dates specified.
  • Language - Material published in the language specified.
  • Peer-Reviewed - Material published in peer-reviewed journals. Peer-reviewed journals are publications with articles that have been reviewed and/or qualified by a selected panel of acknowledged experts in the field of study covered by the journal.
  • Research Article - Articles that are about a research study or examination of subject matter that uses investigational or experimental techniques. A research study includes data collection, subject selection, methodology, discussion of results, and application, if any.
  • Evidence-Based Practice - Articles from evidence-based practice journal, articles about evidence-based practice, research articles (including systematic reviews, clinical trials, meta analyses, etc.), and commentaries on research studies (applying practice to research).
  • Clinical Queries - Articles reporting on scientifically sound and clinical relevant studies. For more information about using Clinical Queries, see What are the search strategies used by CINAHL Clinical Queries?

Limit Your Search

Limit options appear below search boxes.

Select the limits to apply to the search.

Remember the more limits selected, the narrower the search. In other words, you will find fewer citations.


Partial screenshot showing where search limit options are located on the search screen

Refine Your Results with Limits

If your search finds too many results, you may refine your search by using the Refine Results sidebar to the left of the displayed search results. Click on "Show More" to open up a window displaying all of the available limit options.


Partial screenshot showing the Refine Results sidebar





Select the limits that you want to use and click on the "Search" button.


Partial screenshot of the "Show more" popup box with "Limit your results" options


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