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Japan Special Collection: Stanley Kaizawa Collection: Permission

Collection guide to the Stanley Y. Kaizawa Collecion



No permission is needed if the images will be used for non-commercial educational purposes, such as class lectures, students' presentations, and academic conference presentations. Please credit the images with the sentence: "From the Stanley Kaizawa Collection, courtesy of the UHM Library Asia Collection."

If the images will be used in books, newspapers, documentaries, films, and other forms of media and print, the users must write to the UHM Library Asia Collection to request permission. In the request, please explain the topic, image reference number, and the type of media/print.

About the Project

Digitization Procedures

Project Leader: Tokiko Y. Bazzell, Japan Studies Librarian
Project Members: Shinsuke Kondo & Nanae Sajiki (student assistants)
Scanner: Epson DS-50000 flatbed scanner
Scanning specs: 300-600 dpi, 48 color bits, TIFF for preservation, TIFF images were converted
to JPEG for this site. No manipulation of original photo images.
Metadata: Dublin Core metadata standard
Integrity: Reference numbers are assigned based on geographical locations to the extent possible.
When the date cannot be identified, it is categorized as “ca1945-1947” while Middleton was
stationed in Japan. The descriptive titles were created by Tokiko Bazzell while trying to be
consistent with the captions provided by Middleton. Please be advised that some photos taken in
Okinawa contain Japanese soldiers who had been killed in action, which could be disturbing to
some viewers.

Contact Information

Asia Collection (Japan)
UHM Library, 2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: 808-956-8116 (Asia Collection)