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NURS 501: Searching CINAHL and PubMed Activity: Materials to Review Before Library Session

This guide contains materials related to an in-class group activity on searching CINAHL and PubMed.


The session about library and evidence-based practice resources will have a group activity on searching for information in PubMed and CINAHL followed by a discussion. An overview of the activity is attached to this message.

To prepare for the activity, you need to do the following:

1. View the following 3 videos,


2. Review the following two guides, especially the information given on the "Searching" and "Search Tips" tabs,

  • Getting the Most out of CINAHL with Full Text
    • View the video tutorials posted on the "Searching" tab.
    • Review the "Limits" sub-page under the "Search Tips" tab.
  • Getting the Most out of PubMed Medline
    • View the video tutorials "Simple Subject Search" and "Advanced Search Builder" that are linked on the "Searching" tab.
    • View the video tutorial "PubMed: The Filters Sidebar" linked on the "Search Tips" tab's "Filters" sub-page.


Please feel free to email the nursing librarian if you have any questions.


Nursing Librarian

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Carolyn Dennison
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Links to CINAHL and PubMed