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Art Research Guide

About Printed Image Sources

Read this first. Use the general indexes, databases, Internet links, and printed reference tools to find images. Images might be immediately accessible in the database you search; however, many desired images will only be embedded within another publication, and these are difficult to find unless the images are indexed. You may need to use printed reference tools that index images in books and periodicals.

See Image Resources for useful printed indexes.

About Digital Image Sources

Many students use Google to find images. Google is great for finding images quickly, but you will need to do some research AFTER finding images. Finding images and using images are different things. Understanding the following issues is critical for you to succeed in academic and professional career:

    • Know appropriate sources for finding images

    • Identify credible image sources

    • Understand copyright and fair use

    • Download and use images without violating copyright

    • Know current standards for scanning images

    • Cite image source properly

Click the arrow next to the "Find Images" tab on the menu above to find out how to find, download/scan, use, and cite digital images.

Digital Image Use 101

A Prezi presentation created by Kanako Iwase, Visual Resources Librarian at the UH Dept. of Art and Art History.