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Art Research Guide

Find Artists

Read this first. Use the general indexes, databases, Internet links, and printed reference tools listed below to find artists. Information about artists may be located in general biographical indexes and directories, as well as general art encyclopedias. You should also consult art-specific biographical indexes and directories such as the titles listed below. There are many more biographical resources in the library's reference collection, especially on specific types and categories of artist, such as designers, sculptors, or women artists. Some artists, regardless of how prominent they are in their community or in highly specialized fields, simply may not have books, articles, or directory entries written about them. Local newspapers may contain some biographical information about local artists, especially announcements about artist exhibits.

And remember that you can always reach out to me, the ArtLibrarian, David Brier.  My contact info is on the left.

Biographical Tools

Featured Book

The Oxford Dictionary of Art & Artists is available online from Hamilton Library.

Featured Book

Who's Who in Art is available at the Hamilton Library.

Featured Book

Contemporary Artists is available at the Hamilton Library.