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Getting the Most Out of CINAHL: Citation Tools

An overview of using CINAHL to find information on nursing and allied health disciplines.

Citation Tools

CINAHL includes several tools to help you export the citations that you have found.


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Tools for a Detailed Record

Citation tools appear to the right when you are looking at the detailed/abstract view of an article or other item in CINAHL. Use these tools can help to print, email, save, cite, export, and more with individual citations.

Partial screenshot highlighting the Tools for exporting CINAHL records

Tools for Citations in Folders

When viewing the citations in folder, the tools appear to the right. Use these tools to print, email, save, or export all or some of the citations in the folder.

Partial screenshot of citation tools available for records in the CINAHL folder

Cite Tool

The Cite tool helps you convert the CINAHL information into a citation formatted into the style of your choice.

Click on Cite  to open up the Citation Format panel (see image below).

Scroll down the list to find the citation style that you need. Copy the citation and paste it into your document.

Double-check the citation for errors. You need to pay special attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates. Consult your library resources for the exact formatting and punctuation guidelines for your particular citation style.

Partial screenshot of the citation format tool in CINAHL

For more help with the Cite Tool, see

Useful Tools

Below is additional information about what each tool does,

  • Google Drive: Saves the detailed record to your Google Drive. You will need to log into your Google Drive account and authorize EBSCO to view and manage your files.
  • Add to folder: Adds the record to the folder, a temporary place for you to save citations that you want to keep. Citations in folders can then be printed, emailed, saved as a file, or exported to a citation management too.
  • Print: Prints the detailed record(s) AND the article(s) if available in HTML or PDF format.
  • E-Mail: Emails the citation (s) AND the article(s) if available in HTML or PDF format.
  • Save: Saves the detailed record(s) to your computer. Options are available to include the HTML full text (if available), HTML links to article(s), and fields/formats to save.
  • Cite: Displays how the article should be cited using various citation styles including AMA, APA, and Vancouver/ICMJE.
  • Export: Saves or emails the citation information in a format that can imported into a citation management tool. See the Organizing Citations tab for more information.